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Sponsability is one powerful hub that organizes your school’s sponsorships and item sales campaigns, communications outreach, and prospect data into a single dashboard. We simplify the process to help you save time and be more efficient, leading to increased revenue year after year.


Organize it

Time-saving administrative and automation tools allow you to import data from legacy systems, spreadsheets, and documents into an intuitive, structured dashboard.

Manage it

Record and track sponsorships and item sales with a bird’s eye view of all your campaign efforts – across students, sponsors, patrons, and more.

Grow it

Maintain and continually expand your roster of sponsors, item purchasers, and community partners through coordinated, multichannel communication and engagement tools.

Stay socially distant
but keep campaign goals within reach.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended traditional door-to-door sponsorship and item sale programs and many schools are feeling the pressure, but not those with Sponsability. Our contactless app enables students to send personalized sponsorship and item sale pages to friends and family – not just on their block, but anywhere in the world.

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One platform for everyone.

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Keep momentum between seasons.

Eliminate the clutter of spreadsheets and paper forms while maintaining year-on-year information, sponsor and item sale contacts, prospect communications, and campaign results. Streamlined continuity equals greater revenue and more peace of mind.

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Unlimited potential at your fingertips.

Quickly scan and evaluate fundraising progress across the entire school, with the ability to drill down for unparalleled insights into individual organization, team, and club activities. Easily approve applications for new items sales and sponsorships, compare financial reports and revenue, and boost your overall community support.

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No more door-to-door.

Gone are the days of paper forms and envelope collections. Use your smartphone to record sponsorships and item sales. Your information is channeled in real time to the hub and available from anywhere. Simply send a link to your family, friends, and contacts to buy a product or sponsor your group or donate. It’s that easy!

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Invest in the future.

Access opportunities to support local schools, organizations, and teams. From sponsorships and item sales to program advertisements and banners, it’s never been easier to show your pride and boost youth programs.

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Managing Sponsorships and Items Sales all in one place.

Everything that you need is here. Track all of your campaigns while building a database of sponsors, supporters, and student participants. Easily communicate with everyone through text and email via our messaging feature. With our complete financial reporting you get real time reporting on funds generated, student participation, supporters, etc. This one stop solution makes it easy to hand it off to the incoming booster club president, head coach or advisor, or new administrator.

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Maximize community support

Engage your community with our messaging tools including group email and texting, sponsorship and item sale web pages, and automated responses. Have a new sponsorship or item sale campaign and communicate it out to your supporters. Keep your community up to speed with our campaign progress reporting.

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